Jim Arnold’s Speech at the Statehouse


Jim Arnold




Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!!


Are you ready to make some noise?     


Are you ready to remind our legislators that they work for us?


I have been painfully pondering words with which to pontificate on the current house session that has failed to lock in the property tax caps, failed to endorse the Kernan Shepard recommendations, and  proposed an unprecedented one year budget that spends $800 million more than anticipated revenues, while raiding our Rainy Day Fund.


Prose which lampoons our legislators’ poor performance contains words like abysmal, appalling, dreadful, disgusting, embarrassing, pathetic, lackluster, and lackadaisical.


Words to paint an appropriate picture of the mood of taxpayers are agitated, angry, disgusted, enraged, irate, incensed, frustrated, fuming, and furious.


Jargon to describe taxpayers’ disposition are snookered, scammed, bamboozled, fleeced, flimflammed, hoodwinked, hornswoggled, and hung out to dry.


Citizens reluctantly deferred protest when HB1001 raised sales taxes by nearly 17%, as we were promised property tax caps in the bargain.  Many were skeptical when the sales tax increase was immediate whereas the corresponding tax caps were scheduled to be phased in over three years, but we held our tongues in the hopes that our legislators would honor the promise of HB1001.


The clamoring of taxpayers for property tax relief gave our legislators cover to increase our sales taxes in exchange for capping the property tax.  So now, if the property tax caps are not made permanent, concerned citizens, like myself who advocated property tax relief could be considered complicit in the calamity that raised sales taxes by 17% in exchange for temporary tax caps that will be rolled back at the first opportunity.  The thought of complicity makes me angrier than mere words can describe


One thought on “Jim Arnold’s Speech at the Statehouse

    nomundane said:
    March 26, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    nice presentation


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