Muncie 2016 Budget Summary

2016 Muncie City Budget Summary (pdf)

Note: Blank pages have been deleted, hence the page numbering is off.    In other words, it has been edited so if one desires to print the document, you won’t be wasting paper.


One thought on “Muncie 2016 Budget Summary

    Lynn said:
    May 28, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Hello I’m originally from Muncie Indiana I don’t know what the budget here is but I will also like to know where is the money going on the east side of Muncie Indiana you have a lot of condemn houses buildings that needs to be torn down the neighborhood needs to be fixed I noticed 21 the houses and everything on the northside is a lot better than the east side and along with the streets and sidewalks needs to be repaired grass needs to be cut trees need to be cut fix the community so whenever visitor comes to Muncie Indiana they have something to look at and maybe want to stay The children needs a nice park to play and put money back into Muncie Indiana


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