Muncie Politics at it’s finest!!

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Muncie Politics. It doesn’t get better than this. (This isn’t even an election year!) Mr. Mansfield still wants to be Mayor. The truth is nobody knows what happened with the ballots in Precinct 46. Was it an honest mistake? Or was it an effort by the Republican to overthrow the election? Or as one person commented on today’s Muncie Star Press article, did the Democrats whisk just enough away to not cause their candidate to lose? Yet, just enough to cause a stink. We will never know.

What we do know and have before us is a history of electioneering tricks. Some legal, some not. Let’s start with stacking the primary ballot. It has been common practice for years, to request a willing person to be placed on the ballot. A willing participant with last name beginning with the letters A or B. Of course a C or D will work if the “unwanted” candidate may have a last name of Edwards, for example. I have been told Republicans are guilty of the practice, too. Try as I may, not able find one shred of evidence to back this claim. Not saying it is not out there, just can’t find it.

Allegations, confessions and arrests the norm of Muncie elections. No access to voter registration lists, polling books or campaign materials. Candidates discourage to run for office, signs stolen; poll books in the trash, assessment requirements to the Headquarters. Do we need to look any further than 2008? (O.K. that was a County election, doesn’t matter, it shows a pattern.)

Is it any wonder companies avoid us like a plague? The Secretary of State and Attorney General has telephone numbers on speed dial.

The people of Muncie need to wake up and realize we will continue our decline unless something happens. And no, it is not impeaching the Mayor. If you care about this community, your family and your happiness, it is way past time to take the blinders off and see we can’t continue on the road to ruin.

Muncie City Council 3-2-09

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Muncie City Council Meeting March, 2, 2009


It was a pretty uneventful, and actually boring the first hour or so. 


Jerry Friend has worked hard on getting the ordinances updated.  All 20+ were passed.  Say what you may about the current administration, there is no doubt the people in place are qualified, community and citizen oriented. It is possible this department could be self-sustaining WITHOUT gouging the people who use the service, or those who don’t.  Good job, Jerry.


The Consolidation and Modernization was passed.  However, it was passed with a threshold.  That would make it possible for the minority to over ride the majority.  The City’ vote and the County’s vote are independent of each other.   I seem to recall that more people spoke at the “Special Meeting” in favor on NO threshold.  What’s new?


City council added language that would require the referendum to pass both a vote among city residents and a separate vote among those outside city limits.

Because a defeat among either population group would defeat the entire referendum, the change made the consolidation effort more vulnerable.

Hypothetically, an absolute consensus among city voters could be undermined by a one-vote loss among county voters.”

Muncie Star Press 3-2-09 

To quote Linda Gregory…”One man, one vote.”


Mr. Jinks spoke against the consolidation, and his reasons are far removed from what the consolidation is really all about.  The “Team” is looking at ways to streamline government, consolidate services.  We have duplication of services, and I doubt anyone would pay twice for the same item.  I know I wouldn’t.  The fact is, without a proper, non-partisan study, we can not proceed.  I think of it as a medical exam.  You visit your doc, he or she examines you…either you are great and you skip happily from the office…or the doc finds something that needs to be fixed.


Muncie and Delaware County need to be fixed.


On a positive note, Mayor McShurley has an IT person working on the website. It would be nice to get the minutes of the meetings and other critical documents.  Oh, did I mention this position is strictly VOLUNTEER!


Mayor McShurley is working with Ball State and Comcast to keep this station alive.  I believe is it vital to the community.  Great for review and fantastic for those who are not able to attend meetings.  Big thanks to Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal, the driving force behind this media!


That’s about it.


See you all, later



Evening with the Commissioners

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Attended the first evening with Delaware County Commissioner’s meeting.  When we first arrived, there was a public meeting already in progress, but the door was locked.  Not sure how public it was.

Not much to report.  Tommy Crawford spoke about the fund Tim Hutton (think that is his name) started on new ambulance purchases.  I found it very interesting that someone took on the task and with success.  $11.00 of every run will be deposited into the kitty to fund new ambulances, and no cost to the taxpayers.  Mr. Crawford also expressed his disappointment that nothing was reported in the paper.

Poor Nick Werner.  He gets it all the time.

The trending on properties will be begin this year for 2009 taxes and pay 2010.  I bet that will be another increase.

The County appointed George Dahl for the Common Wage Hearing at Yorktown High School.  Apparently, not every appointee was at the meeting.  Some snafu where it was changed from 2:30 PM to 10:30 AM.  Guess the word didn’t get out.

A gentleman spoke about the money that could be saved by using ABC wages instead of CCW.  He cautioned the Commissioners that projects would increase in cost, when there is actually a way to get the same quality for less. 

Community Corrections added an at-large member to their board.   Judge Thomas Cannon.

Besides this, Della Gregory was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Yorktown-Mt. Pleasant Twp. Public Library.  She will serve 4 years.

That’s about it, folks.  Had to dash off at 7:15 for the OTHER government meeting.

You can check it out on Channel 60.  See the broadcast schedule in the “pages” section of the blog.

County Commissioners, again

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Monday, however, marks the beginning of an effort by the commissioners to move some meetings to the evening in an attempt to make them more accessible for those who work during the day. From the Star Press 2-28-09

Why in the world would the Commissioners schedule the meeting on the EXACT night as City Council?

One word….attempt. This is a feeble ATTEMPT at best to make the meetings accessible for those who work. More like an attempt to cause conflict.

City Council has held the meetings on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:30 PM with special meetings and hearings set at 6:30 PM for years.

At best, the conflicting meeting schedule was an oversight by the Commissioners.
At worse, it is business as usual.

See it for what it is…

Muncie Mayor McShurley & The Great Homestead Mistake

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By now we have all heard about the big boondoggle called “The Great Homestead Mistake”. Yes, it is true, the Mayor does owe taxes. Ouch! Unfortunately, for the Mayor, it has been blown out of proportion.

She did file a quit-claim deed on her property, and apparently that is not enough information for the County to remove the homestead credit. After the HUGE property tax fiasco, we all got a refund from the State. Suddenly, 60+ properties were found to have more than one homestead credit.

It all has to be paid back. It should be paid back.

Now, here’s the fun part (you won’t find this in the newspaper). She also owned property in another county. That property was over-assessed, so more taxes were paid. State law says in the case over assessment, they are only allowed to refund you for 3 years.

It doesn’t make any sense when the State owes YOU there is a 3 year limit on your REFUND, yet if you owe the State…THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT.

I am glad the Mayor took the time to explain it all to us. She plans on taking this to the legislation.

Just another reason why the whole property tax system should be revamped.