Mayor McShurley and Japan Trip

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Just found out Mayor Mac is blogging on the Japan trip. Take a peek.

City of Muncie

Mayor’s Blog


Prairie Creek, again.

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Links to the Muncie Star Press articles on Prairie Creek from Sunday April 19, 2009.  They will be available for 7 days.

I am not as concerned with the development of Prairie Creek as much as I am concerned HOW Prairie Creek will be developed. Who will be the building contractors, will there be a board, who will be contracted to install the sewer system?

We had a Board of Supervisor for the Justice Center, and this became an expensive drain on taxpayers. Law suits, cost over runs and jobs for the buddies. The same is with the Royerton Sewer Project.

So think hard and long when it comes to Commissioner Dunnuck and President Donati.

‘Conspiracy’ to develop Prairie Creek alleged

Our View: A few should not override majority on Prairie Creek

GUEST COLUMN: Prairie Creek proposal handled incorrectly

Election Board Needs Stopped! Updated!

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I certainly hate to be so negative about Delaware County, believe it to be a wonderful place with wonderful people.  Yet, until we get rid of the corruption this county will never be able to move forward.  We need and we want to move forward.  There is never a better time than now, folks!

The Election Board is out of control:

Video of election board hearing.


On Friday, April 17, the political persecution of citizens willing to stand up and speak out against their government moved from the kangaroo court of the Delaware County Election Board to the embattled offices of the Delaware County prosecutor. Most recently, officers of the Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal Inc. (CDCPTR) were summoned to testify before a grand jury, which resulted in an indictment against President Chris Hiatt.
Remember that for the first two months of this year over the course of four hearings, the Delaware County Election Board publicly berated the CDCPTR for placing an advertisement in The Star Press endorsing candidates running for various offices in the 2008 general elections. The complaint against the CDCPTR was levied by Joe Evans, president of the United East Central Building and Construction Trades Council and Carpenters Local 1016. In response, the CDCPTR filed its own reciprocal complaint, alleging that the Trades Council had published an advertisement of their own that mirrored the issues involved in the allegations brought by Evans.
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, certain members of the election board — Phil Nichols, Steve Craycraft and Mike White — were predisposed in their narrow-minded objectives, virtually ignoring the complaint against the labor council while deciding to pursue criminal charges against the CDCPTR. Craycraft, in particular, demonstrated his agenda by sitting as a presiding officer and casting the deciding vote against the CDCPTR and then turning around and recusing himself from the complaint against the trades council because of his direct association with the solidarity cause. Imagine that.
Subsequently, Prosecutor Mark McKinney apparently took up the charge of trying to quash the citizens that would speak out against public officials and denying them their right to free speech and expression. We find that extremely disturbing on several fronts.
The use of political offices and appointments to conduct tribunals against the citizenry is not only a waste of time, public resources and an abuse of power, it’s simply absurd. And while certain political offices appear beyond the reach of the average citizen, make no bones about it, those officials can be tried in the court of public opinion, and the jury can cast their final and un-appealable verdict via the polls.
We find it more than hypocritical that McKinney, who touts that his many issues are a result of a political vendetta, is now allowing his office to be used as an inquisition orchestrated by Phil Nichols and his henchmen. Serious issues of alleged voter fraud have languished mysteriously in the shadows for well over a year, yet McKinney feels compelled to expeditiously seek a misdemeanor indictment against the voters and taxpayers that butter his bread and are merely exercising their rights.

So far…Check back often for updates!

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So far, this is what has happened in Delaware County this past year: (The list is not exhaustive, by any means)

  • New: Dog Tax
  • Wheel Tax-had some not so kosher things thrown into the ordinance.
  • Wheel tax ordinance not even complete when it was introduced
  • Commissioner Donati calls the regular county council meeting a “special hearing”, yet the Wheel tax did not appear on the agenda
  • Commissioners create job and hire commissioner’s son (No others need apply.)
  • Update: Prairie Creek development and “secret” meetings.  This is one to really watch. Blogged on it earlier.
  • Public Access Laws broken
  • Investigation of prosecutor-Indiana Supreme Court found violations
  • Update: Investigation of surveyor (he was cleared based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor to grand jury) Later he was arrested.
  • Charges against surveyor from former employer
  • DTF investigation
  • Election Board doesn’t follow the law
  • Added recently: Late voter registrations reported to Secretary of State by anonymous person-should have been reported immediately by the officials (November ’08 election)
  • Prosecutor’s office refuses to prosecute Muncie Police arrests
  • Election fraud charges gathering dust
  • Councilmen admitting publicly he signed a conflict of interest statement, none on record
  • Councilman indicted
  • City Council refusing to put the safety of the residents and MFD first
  • Kay Walker making demands the city can not guarantee (She knows where her votes are!  She is working hard for the MFD)
  • Kay Walker cancels meeting of crucial importance on fire safety
  • Prosecutor finds the time to prosecute a citizens action group for what may amount to a misdemeanor
  • City Council calls a meeting on the Modernization and Reorganization without proper notification to the public
  • Update: Mansfield still wants to be mayor.  He isn’t paying for the legal fees.  Who will call in the favors if he wins?  Bad News! Update: He finally gave up the ghost
  • Judge resigns in lieu of prosecution
  • Democrats throw poll books in the trash
  • 214 N. Walnut (Democrat Headquarters) pays no property tax on the building and hasn’t for years, classified as an educational institution
  • Update: Motion to re-instate payroll deductions for political contributions by the commissioners IT’S A DONE DEAL, NOW.
  • Phil Nichols’s friend taking pix of local citizens at a monthly Breakfast with Gregory meeting
  • Bob Wolf finding Judge Wolf’s campaign signs in trash at Democrat Headquarters
  • Democrat Headquarters attempts to force candidate to pay assessment (donations to DHQ) and when they refused for ethical reasons, DHQ worked unsuccessfully against their campaign
  • Adding Bilbey to the primaries to steal votes from Brooke, virtually guaranteeing a win for the Democratic pick for commissioner

Muncie Politics At Its Finest…The Saga Continues! Corruption!

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It is TIME to clean this county up. Folks, please, get involved and get informed. It has been so corrupt for so long some may feel there is no hope for us. Not so! As long as you have breath and a mind that thinks, as long as you have have a firm sense of right and wrong, it is never to late. As a matter of fact, there isn’t a better time than now.

A Report by JIM ARNOLD

As a long-time supporter of and volunteer for the Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal , I took time off from my job to attend the election board hearing at 11 a.m. Jan. 22.

It was a case that had started Dec. 18, when Joe Evans, president of East Central Indiana Building Trades, filed a complaint with the Delaware County Election Board alleging the Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal overstepped its bounds by publicly endorsing candidates in a full-page ad Nov. 3 in The Star Press. Evans alleged the CDCPTR is prohibited by state law from spending money to influence an election because it is incorporated as a non-profit organization and not as a political action committee.

The Election Board members were Phil Nichols, Steve Craycraft and Mark Delgado, who was filling in for Tom Bennington. Chris Hiatt represented the CDCPTR. Noticeably absent was Evans.

My first clue that we had taken a wrong turn on the road to due process came when CDCPTR President Chris Hiatt suggested Evans should be present to defend the serious claims that he had levied, to which Phil Nichols casually noted that it was not mandatory for him to attend the hearing. Hiatt further protested that even though the claim was filed on Dec. 18, the notice of the complaint was not delivered to him until Jan. 14, just 20 hours before the initial hearing. Hiatt further protested the actual complaint was not included in the mailing, but was handed to him at the hearing on Jan. 15. Subsequently, Nichols generously allowed Hiatt seven days to research and prepare his defense.

Nichols used the holidays to explain the late delivery of the paperwork and suggested that the handling of the complaint was similar to other comparable complaints.

The next hint that due process was not on the agenda came when Nichols interrupted Hiatt mid-sentence in one of his attempts to “move the meeting forward.” Nichols noted it is the responsibility of the election board to enforce the election statutes. Nichols suggested he likes to see people from both parties participate in the election process, but he wants people to follow the guidelines. Nichols also clarified that the hearing was not a trial, and that the options available were to resolve the accusation there or forward it to the prosecutor.

Hiatt asserted that the CDCPTR is a corporation not a Political Action Committee, to which Nichols suggested that perhaps CDCPTR should be a PAC since they had placed an advertisement endorsing political candidates. To this, Hiatt said the CDCPTR had violated no statutes and that it was not up to Nichols to determine what kind of organization the CDCPTR should be.

Hiatt further clarified that the sanctions sought by Evans were not relevant as the CDCPTR payment to The Star Press for the advertisement was clearly an expenditure, and not a contribution.

Finally, Hiatt cautioned the hearing of a complaint seeking economic sanctions is subject to code IC-4-21.5, which sets stringent guidelines similar to a trial with injunctive relief and due process. Hiatt demanded the Election Board restore the rights the group had been denied in the hearing. There was no discovery, no judge, no opportunity to face the accuser, and no due process. Hiatt then admonished the Election Board that they were acting illegally.

In spite of what I considered to be a sound defense of the charges, Nichols and Craycraft voted to pass the case to Delaware County Prosecutor Mark McKinney for investigation. Attorney Mark Delgado agreed with Hiatt’s interpretation of the statute and voted against forwarding the case to the prosecutor’s office.

Earlier that same day, Hiatt had filed a complaint against the East Central Indiana Building Trades in connection with their political ad that also appeared in the Nov. 3 edition of The Star Press. The board adjourned the meeting without hearing that complaint.

Tea Party and Me April 15, 2009

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Update: Check out Jim Arnold’s piece  “I Was There” in the pages section of the blog.

Indianapolis Tea Party, April 15, 2009 was a great success. Those in attendance numbered in the thousands. The speakers were excellent, normal, down to earth citizens with wonderful stories to tell. The band played several great selections with a patriotic theme.

Thomas Paine was amazing. You will find a link to his speech at the end of this column.

The crowd was polite and well-behaved, much to the dismay of those who were expecting riots and angry speeches. Some were dressed in revolutionary clothing; one person was dressed as Superman and passed out $200.00 bills with his picture on it. There was a mixture of seriousness and humor. Those peddling wares and literature were free or a very minimal cost. I picked up a flag for my friend and myself for $1.00 each.

7:00 AM this morning I was on the horn to my best bud(s) from the other part of the state to get his take on the Tea Party. Among many things discussed, his observation was this is truly a grassroots movement as clearly defined by the many different signs and messages. Not a group of people ordered by a memo or a fax to do it “this way”. The messages were clearly their own, many clearly hand made and clearly addressing issues they felt passionate about.

Young and old, veterans, people from every political party, every walk of life, and the crowds were diverse, yet united. A teenager held a sign “To young to drive, to young to vote and already in debt.” You go, girl! Another sign “My American Dream has become My American Nightmare”.

For me, I felt a sense of pride to be called an American and several times tears stung my eyes. Even as a child, the Star Spangled Banner forced me to my feet and I would cry. Feeling such a wide range of emotions and memories of days gone by flooded my mind. When speakers talked of personal responsibility, sense of pride, faith and our duty as citizens, the overwhelming sense of gratitude for what my parents instilled into my moral fiber took me by surprise. Their extraordinary work ethics, honesty, compassion and community involvement was my inheritance. Excuse me, just a little emotional, very rare for me.

O.K. Composure is back. Let me leave you with these thoughts. Do not be afraid of the Tea Party Patriots or those who are sincerely concerned with the future of our cities, counties, states or country. By and large, we are citizens just like you. We believe in the power of the vote and we believe in being actively involved in the government process. We believe strongly in the constitution, and for me, I hold on dearly to the First Amendment.

Get informed, get involved regardless if it is political or community, and vote.

God bless America, land that I love……

Thomas Paine Indianapolis Tea Party

Other youtubes: (more to be added later)

Citizen’s Soap Box

Greg Garrison

Singing and Crowd Shots


Pledge and Nathional Anthem

Saturday Morning Ramblings #3

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The local newspaper is devoting some decent coverage to the Tax Day Tea Party event.  Up until a few days ago, the best place to get any information was from websites, blogs and what some deem as “alternative news sources” i.e. Fox, Glen Beck, etc.

It has been noted that there is an attempt to stop this lawfully gathering which is protected in the First Amendment.  Some websites have been sabotaged and there is speculation that “plants” will be at many of the events to try and discredit these peaceful gatherings.  No, I am not some paranoid, anti-government nut…just telling it like it is. 

Some of the locals have complained to the newspaper when a link to this blog was posted.  The link offended them.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  We still have personal choices.  Not upset with the newspaper for their banning of this website on the forums, more concerned about the people who find freedom of speech offensive.    But, that’s another story.

Fortunately, many of us, Democrats, Republicans, Independants and Undecideds, have reach a consensus that both federal and local governments are out of control.  We have addressed issues, at least on a local level, with our elected officials and they refuse to listen.  In fact, they do the opposite.

Even our Senator Sue Errington commented on how the citizens have no faith in the local government.  Give the woman credit, she does listen.

So, to every American who absolutely loves this country, lets work to get our government under control and defend the rights that made this country what it is today.  Remember, many lives were taken for us to enjoy what we have today.  Many people left the safety of their homes and families to defend it.

First Amendment Credit to LII for this information.

Thomas Paine

I will leave you with a quote:

Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant. Electric light is the most efficient policeman. It has always been my view that when the people of this Nation watch their Government in action, they come to better understand how our governing institutions work and equip themselves to hold those institutions accountable for their deeds. If there are flaws in our governing institutions, including our courts, we hide them only at our own peril.

Justice Louis D. Brandeis, Other People’s Money, 1914

God bless!