Muncie Mayor McShurley & The Great Homestead Mistake

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By now we have all heard about the big boondoggle called “The Great Homestead Mistake”. Yes, it is true, the Mayor does owe taxes. Ouch! Unfortunately, for the Mayor, it has been blown out of proportion.

She did file a quit-claim deed on her property, and apparently that is not enough information for the County to remove the homestead credit. After the HUGE property tax fiasco, we all got a refund from the State. Suddenly, 60+ properties were found to have more than one homestead credit.

It all has to be paid back. It should be paid back.

Now, here’s the fun part (you won’t find this in the newspaper). She also owned property in another county. That property was over-assessed, so more taxes were paid. State law says in the case over assessment, they are only allowed to refund you for 3 years.

It doesn’t make any sense when the State owes YOU there is a 3 year limit on your REFUND, yet if you owe the State…THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT.

I am glad the Mayor took the time to explain it all to us. She plans on taking this to the legislation.

Just another reason why the whole property tax system should be revamped.