Recap of Property Tax Rally 3-10-09

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The Property Tax Rally at the Statehouse was a huge success.  I would estimate approximately 40 people from Delaware County were there, and another 250+ from other counties across the State. 


It was amazing to hear the reaction from the crowd when guest speaker, Jim Arnold, spoke on his $7,000+ property tax bill.  The applause when he said his dream of owning a home has become a nightmare was deafening.  After the rally, we had the opportunity to speak with other participants and listen to their stories.  All across Indiana, people are calling for tax caps and responsible spending, trying to hold our elected officials to their promises.  It does a body good to see the solidarity.


What I found most interesting was conversations we had with the staff at the Statehouse.  I am talking about the employees who change light bulbs, etc.  Their support of property tax caps was evident.  Normal working people struggling to make ends meet.  As we all know Marion County was hit hard.


Dennis Tyler was interviewed and he was adamant on his support of property tax caps.  He even signed a pledge poster.  Now, his next step is to talk with the Speaker of the House, Patrick Bauer, who is the bottleneck in all of this. 


Sue Errington voted against the property tax caps.  She was in the minority of around 20%.  I like Senator Errington personally, can’t understand her line of reasoning.


Larry Riley’s column in the Star Press today, (3-11-09) lays it out.  Wasteful spending and lack of accountability and over sight is the crux of our financial woes.  Corruption and greed compounds our difficulties.


Folks, don’t be fooled, HB1001 and SJR1 is not our enemy.  Don’t let the elected officials tell you this is the destroyer of our State, County and City.  Run-a-way spending is our downfall.


Please take a few minutes to visit the websites under “Interesting Places”.  Please become involved so that we can proclaim our State, City and County as the best place to live, work and raise a family.


Thanks to Larry Bledsoe by Jim Arnold

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I read that Commissioner President Todd Donati recently hired his son, Jason Donati, as education coordinator for the Stormwater Management Department at $30,000 a year.

The article stated Commissioner Larry Bledsoe denounced the move at a commissioners meeting. Bledsoe questioned whether Donati had violated county policy by not advertising the position and said that it created an appearance of impropriety, regardless of Jason Donati’s qualifications.

I heard there was quite a ruckus in the special meeting that occurred behind closed doors after the official meeting adjourned. Kudos Commissioner Bledsoe for taking a stand. I imagine you were berated for your comments, but rest assured, citizens anxious for fiscal responsibility and accountability in our government support your stance.

I don’t know exactly what an education coordinator for the Stormwater Management Department does, but It bothers me the position was not advertised to give everyone an equal opportunity to apply. How could you pick the best candidate for a job without interviewing candidates for the opening?

What bothers me most is that Commissioner Donati and Commissioner Donald Dunnuck seem to think this behavior is acceptable. Something stinks in Delaware County, and it’s not just storm water. Perhaps Dunnuck and Donati can hire a county commissioner training coordinator. I suggest that a refresher course in Ethics 101 might serve them well.

To Commissioner Bledsoe, keep up the good work. 

Saturday Morning Ramblings…

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Why did Sharon McShurley hire Jessica Koons, knowing she had a record?


Perhaps it was the same reason why Rick Burnett was hired for county bridge superintendent immediately following his parole completion in 1992 for cocaine charges. In 1997, he was indicted for racketeering, ghost employment and theft.


Hey, give a con a break, will ya?


Oh, yea, some would argue the Rick Burnett’s hiring was in the past.  Yes, it is.  The problem, the past has resurrected itself in our current county government.


Why did Sharon McShurley hire her son to mow Prairie Creek last summer?  Maybe he was the most qualified to ride a John Deer.  He loved tractors as a child.


Why did Donati create a job and hire his son for the position last month? Todd said his son was the most qualified and loves the environment.


There ya have it, folks.


Recently, the Commissioners wanted their meetings to be accessible to those who work.    That is all fine and dandy except for one minor glitch.  It is in conflict with Muncie City Council.


Let’s travel back in time again, shall we?   When Shirey was Center Township Trustee, poor relief meetings were held immediately after the Commissioners meeting @ 10:15 AM.  Yet at the 44th meeting, the commissioner’s broke their own rule and held it at 10:00 AM, without any notice to Shirey or a representative.  When Dick’s deputy arrived at 10:05 AM, the meeting was over.


The same people who had devised ways to discredit Shirey are at work trying to discredit the Mayor.  Is it any wonder why she appointed Richard Shirey at Deputy Mayor? 


All one needs to do is research our past to predict our future.


Please, if you care about the future of Muncie and Delaware County, for your future,  the future of your children and grandchildren, make your voices heard loud and clear.  No more business as usual. 



Muncie not as bad as it seems?

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The Star Press wrote an editorial about the politics of Delaware County today (3-6-09).  It had more than a ring of truth to it, yet it was pretty soft or as some would say “no teeth”.

I believe there are 91 counties in Indiana.  Only two counties have had a worse reputation…Lake and St. Joseph.  Someone spoke at City Council recently…she ended with “Our County’s competition, Lake County.”

In Lake County 53 people eventually were charged with vote fraud and 23 convicted.  It took years of investigation, and Lake probably still isn’t squeaky clean.

Eventually, Delaware County will improve, you just have to keep plugging away.

Don’t forget Judges Wolf and Cannon refused to pay “dues” because they believed it to be unethical.  Ethics….it is such a foreign concept.

More to come….

Prairie Creek

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UPDATE:  Rezoning has been tabled per the article in Star Press 3-6-09.  There will be a public hearing in the next few months.

Looks like it may be full speed ahead for the development of Prairie Creek.  Commissioner Don Dunnuck is on board, have not heard from the other two.

Once the property is rezoned, it will open the door for Indiana-American Water Company to sell at a nice profit.   Still, at this point, it is only in the planning stages.  This is the opportunity for residents to become involved, regardless if you are for or against.  Please do not wait until everything becomes a done deal.  Guaranteed you will have a hard time undoing any damages…and even “undoing” may be an impossible task.

The last time Todd Donati was in office, we were all blessed with a sewer system.  In fact, we got two.

Just surmising….will New Burlington and the other properties in the proposed development suffer the same gross and costly sewage system Royerton has today? 

Mayor McShurley

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There has been an all out attempt to destroy the Muncie Mayor since she walked through the doors on January 1, 2008.

I voted for her and will continue to support her during this onslaught of filth and vile which constantly surrounds her administration.

What has she done to warrant this?  Well, the answer is simple.  She is a person of integrity, kindness and a progressive thinker.  Something Muncie lacks and is in desperate need to obtain.

So what has she done?

She listens to the citizens.

Economic Development Initiatives

Business Recruitments

Governor’s Arts Festival

Paving of White River Blvd.

Tackling Blight

Instrumental in bringing Brevini (hope it is still a go)

Actively seeks Japanese business

Appointing the most talented and qualified people to get the job DONE!

Secured HUD fund in January 2008.

Secured and securing Federal Funds

Chat With the Mayor

Part-time IT volunteer to get Muncie website up and running

She wants to make as many departments as possible self-sustaining.  That is good news for the citizens.  Mayor Mac warned the City Council as far back as early 2008 on the budget concerns.  They didn’t listen then, perhaps they’ll listen now.  (Miss American Pie)  She met with every willing employee and kept them apprised of the financial situation in 2-08. 

Because of her administration’ willingness to work with local business, we have seen the generosity of those businesses give sizeable donations to help fund things like fireworks ($30,000.00), improvements to Thomas Park ($80,000.00), fund raiser to get new equipment for Prairie Creek.  You don’t get a dedicated team of employees without having great leadership qualities.  It just isn’t done.

While on her trip to Japan, the unthinkable, and most despicable onslaught of vicious rumors that have ever been targeted against any public official began.  Not only did “they” wait until she was unable to defend herself, the filth was unimaginable.  Do you as Citizens of Muncie really approve such tactics?  Or would you prefer to support a Mayor that has shown grace under pressure?

At the City Council meeting a gentleman exercised his right to free speech by publicly stating his views on the Consolidation and Modernization.  Yet that same person has the audacity to post vile rumors on a public forum about the Mayor.  Prior, he posted filth about a local businessman, and forgive me for being blunt, he accused the man of purchasing intimate apparel for a teenager.

We know exactly where and when those rumors originated. 

Believe me folks, when I say, there is and has been an effort to destroy the Mayor and any that stand in support of her.

Has she made some mistakes?  Absolutely.  Is she the best person to run our City?  Most definitely.






Star Press Editorial 3-4-09

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The Muncie Star Press wrote a damaging editorial on the City Council’s vote in regards to the Consolidation and Modernization that was tabled for months and every conceivable roadblock was used to thwart the will of the people.

“It’s puzzling. Why would Muncie officials take a step that dilutes, if not nullifies, the voice of the people they were elected to represent?”

Hello, Star Press!  We have been asking the same questions.  Funny thing is, we know the answer.  It is all about maintaining the “status quo” and not about the good of Muncie and Delaware County.

“The second change involves how the public will vote on any consolidation plan the committee comes up with. Consolidation requires a referendum vote. The city council added language that would require any referendum to pass both a vote among city residents and a separate vote among those outside the city limits, instead of a single all-county vote. That action virtually guarantees any consolidation measure will fail, simply because many county residents have a deep distrust of anything involving the city of Muncie.”

Why on earth would city council members elected to represent the citizens of Muncie take an action that clearly is not in their constituents’ best interests — one that indicates a mistrust of voters and the process? Could it be making sure government consolidation fails is in their own best interests or that of their political party?”  BINGO!

Clearly, citizen activists were not going to be satisfied until the council brought the measure up for a vote, so finding another way to sabotage consolidation efforts was needed.”

“Most city and county residents have enough common sense to let the committee do its work before passing judgment on the results.”

“It’s too bad the Muncie City Council could not do that.”

Quotations from Muncie Star Press 3-4-09

I would like to thank Linda, Mark and Brad for voting the will of the people, and the Star Press for two excellent back to back articles.

Now, will the people listen?

Senator Errington commented while at the last Legislative Update, the people had NO confidence in their local government.

Anybody wonder why?  I don’t.