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Saturday Ramblings: If the election were today…

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O.K. So what if the election were held today.   If you feel so inclined, cast your vote.  Or not.   Please remember this is not an actual vote, it is only an exercise or a poll, as it were.  If we have the time, we may add the other races.  Have fun!  Leave a comment if you feel so inclined.


Saturday ramblings: Primary elections

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Primary Voting

 Delaware County

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If you were wondering about the 2014 Primary election being the worse turnout in the county’s history, you may be right.   So how did we do? In 2014 Delaware County had a whopping 10.87% voter turnout.  Not much enthusiasm for this election.  In fact the ballot was sparse with many uncontested seats.

Party backed Republicans and Democrats easily won their respective race, including the darlings of Team Democrat.   Team Democrat is known for running their own campaigns outside of Democrat Headquarters. And  for the most part, have churned out winning candidates.

This year, the incumbents of Team Democrat are not opposed.  Of course, this could all change if the political parties pull some candidates out of the hat.

My opinion is the judges are pretty safe and secure.  The sheriff race would follow the same.  History of elections, even outside of Delaware County, seem to favor the incumbent sheriff.

So, let’s take a look at the primaries and throw in  Muncie special election for good measure.

Primary percentages 2006-2014

Darn tooting, it was a dismal turnout.  Trending on twitter that day,  a tweeter from Indy wrote: “Those that wanted to vote, did vote.”

But, but, but, you can find some interesting information if you look hard enough.  For example, 2008 primary saw nearly 41% or twice the percentage of the other elections.  Looks like the Voter ID didn’t stop people from voting, at least in Delaware County.  “Those that wanted to vote, did vote.”

Muncie’s primaries for 2007 and 2011 so close you couldn’t slip a hair between ’em.   Both of these elections saw a full slate of candidates, too.    Only 16.30% showed for the 2013 referendum vote, just slightly less than the primaries.

The special election saw people clucking their tongues at the low voter turnout.  Although, it seems typical for the City of Muncie.

You can find election results for 2008 through 2013 here.

2014, 2007 and 2006 are not available on Delaware County’s site as of 5-9-14.  Although a minor complaint, let’s hope the next clerk can clean up the website.  2007 election results have been “coming soon” since 2007.

Delaware County Election Results Primary 2014

Election Summary Report 2007 primary *

Election Summary Primary 2006(2)

*  I apologize in advance for the difficulty in reading the results.  The election information has never been on Delaware County’s website and the data was taken from another site.

Yes, this post may seem boring to many.  It should be a warning the trend in voter participation is waning.   This has been a major concern, still if you don’t participate it could mean you aren’t involved or informed enough to cast a vote.  The latter being beneficial in staying away from the polls.

There could be hundreds of reasons and plenty have been brought forth by far more politically savvy pundits.  Those that have followed the trends, candidates and political powers for decades having a wealth of information at their finger tip.


Delaware County Candidate Endorsements

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The Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal, Inc. have endorsed the following candidates in the November 2, 2010 General Election…..

Indiana Senate District 26: Doug Eckerty

Indiana Representative District 33: Bill Davis

Indiana Representative District 35: Jack Lutz

Delaware County Sheriff: Mike Scroggins

Delaware County Prosecutor: J.A. Cummins

Delaware County Clerk : Steve Fields

Delaware County Commissioner District 3: Larry Bledsoe

Please visit for further information on these candidate endorsements

The CDCPTR endorsements are a result of extensive research and direct interaction with the candidates by the CDCPTR Membership, Officers and Board. It is the CDCPTR’s position that these candidates are “taxpayer friendly” and will conduct their official duties of the office for which they are running in an ethical manner and for the best interests for the community as a whole. These candidates appear to be responsible and responsive in line with the values of the Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal Inc. as of the date of this Endorsement.

Please forward this alert to all you voting friends and contacts!

Freedom of Speech or How One Man Won The Right to Exercise the 1st Amendment

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Something extraordinary happened today for Delaware County. Justice was served on a golden platter.

As some of you know, Chris Hiatt of Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal was indicted in April of ’09 on changes of election violation. (This blog has a few posts covering this topic in more detail.) Today, Special Judge Jay Toney dismissed the charges. Let’s do a quick background on how this all came about.

In November ’08 CDCPTR took out an ad in the local newspaper, The Star Press. The ad endorsed candidates from both parties which were believed to be citizen and taxpayer friendly based upon their platform and campaigns.

Within weeks of this ad, another group, ECIBT (East Central Indiana Building Trades) took offense and filed a complaint with the election board. Their chief complaint was the ad had no disclaimer. One would consider this a possible violation, of sorts, except for one little pesky detail. ECIBT did the same. They endorsed all Democrats, had no disclaimer and in fact they had no address.

After weeks of delay, the election board finally decided to serve papers notifying Mr. Hiatt he was summoned to appear before the election board. What happened at the hearing was just a lot of legalities and twisting and turning of Indiana State law until it became apparent to most, there was some hanky panky going on with the current election board.

In turn, a complaint was filed against ECIBT for the exact same violation. Lo and behold, the Delaware County Clerk recused himself, since he was trying to avoid the conflict of interest “thingy”. Of course, he sat on the board during Hiatt’s hearing. I am having a hard time understanding the definition of “conflict of interest” as it was presented by Mr. Craycraft.

The Delaware County prosecutor, Mr. Mark McKinney convened a grand jury and sure enough, but no surprise, Hiatt was indicted.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the complaint against ECBIT for the exact same violation. One word. NOTHING.

Today however marks a milestone in Delaware County. Justice was served and served properly. Of course, we had to leave the county and get a special judge. Nonetheless, it is a good day.

Just for fun, I pulled together some quotes from the local newspapers on this dark time in our county’s history.

Judge Throws Hiatt’s Case Out
“In granting the motion to dismiss, the judge said the law as described to grand jurors by McKinney was the “exact opposite” of what actually exists.” Star Press 4-21-10

Attorney: McKinney Misled Grand Jury
“Two days before his client is set to stand trial, the attorney for a local government critic on Tuesday fired back at Mark McKinney, accusing the beleaguered Delaware County prosecutor of “deliberately and intentionally misleading (a grand jury) about the law.” Star Press 4-21-10

Criminal Acts and Selective Prosecution
“Politically based selective prosecution is wrong.” Larry Riley Star Press 4-21-10

Election board has no credibility
” It’s obvious, especially after Thursday’s vote to dismiss the complaint, that the election board, which has a sacred public duty to ensure elections are free from fraud, is not capable of performing this function as it is now constituted.” Muncie Star Press Editorial 2-6-09

The Election Board Has Lost Its Way by John H. Brooke“The Delaware County Election Board under the leadership of Phil Nichols and Steve Craycraft has lost sight of its mission and purpose. The mission of any election board is to help conduct elections so that voters are confident the entire process is fair and honest. Delaware County’s Election Board has decided that its real purpose is to serve as a weapon to beat down political opponents under the guise of “protecting the election process.” Muncie Star Press Letter to Editor 2-8-09

Another Menace Nabbed
“What was his great crime against humanity? He placed a newspaper ad endorsing candidates for the 2008 election. The ad listed the CDCPTR as the source of the endorsements and featured the group’s logo, but did not — get this recklessly dangerous practice — “have a formal disclaimer.” The man had the gall to exercise his First Amendment Rights — throw the bum in jail. While the clown princes of the political world and the punditocracy mull whether nude dancing should be “protected free speech,” this is the kind of crap that goes on almost without protest.” The News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Indiana 4-21-09

Watch video excerpts of the election board hearings.