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Saturday Ramblings: If the election were today…

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O.K. So what if the election were held today.   If you feel so inclined, cast your vote.  Or not.   Please remember this is not an actual vote, it is only an exercise or a poll, as it were.  If we have the time, we may add the other races.  Have fun!  Leave a comment if you feel so inclined.


Delaware County Voting Polls Are Haunted!

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It is getting close to primary election day and Scary things are happening.

Check out who is a Ghost candidate and why you shouldn’t scare yourself into voting for them.

After the filing deadline for candidates, a few illusive people showed up on the Republican ballot. No one knows who they are, they have never attended any Republican functions, have no fund-raisers and never even bothered to meet with Republican Headquarters. One candidate was being tracked down by a Star Press Reporter, yet before the interview could even begin, the poor guy dropped out of the race.

So be very careful when you venture out to the polls in May….you just may encounter a ghost.

Who ya gonna call? Republican Ghost Busters!  That would be every concerned registered voter.  You are the Ghost Busters!

Get Out And Vote!  Help to preserve the integrity of our elections!

Help Bust the Ghosts:

  • State Senate District 26: Republican Kevin J. Barrett
  • Delaware County Commissioner District 3:  Republican Traci L. Conner
  • Center Township Trustee: Republican Luke Alston Jones