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How to unintentionally win a race

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A Saturday morning “huh”?
How can filing for a precinct committee position be “unintentional”? Easy.
You unintentionally go to the County Building and unintentionally visit the Clerk’s office.
You unintentionally ask for the papers so you can unintentionally be placed on the ballot.
You unintentionally complete and sign the registration papers.
You unintentionally tell two witnesses while working at the polls on the election day you didn’t know you were on the ballot.
“Both (political) parties on the board believed her signatures matched and they had no issue with it,” Arnold said. “Her signature looked the same.”
Arnold added that his office would not conduct an investigation of the matter.
Fant who was an intentional candidate lost to Burkhart the chosen 214 Democrat who ran for the position unintentionally
This is crazy.

Don’t call any witnesses, instead, ask the unintentional candidate about her unintentional signature.

You might be thinking “Big deal. It’s only a precinct committee position.”  It’s a big enough deal that a former Democrat Chairperson and his sister removed a precinct candidate from the ballot.  Phil Nichols resigned his position, and his sister was the only person charged.  The candidate, of course, lost because he wasn’t on the ballot.

It is important to have Democrat precinct committee people who are on board with the local Democrat Headquarters leadership (elected and non-elected).  Because should an elected official be removed from office, death or resignation Headquarters needs to be assured the precinct committee members will vote for the leadership’s choice.

The party is notorious for election shenanigans and it seems they have been given another free pass.  And while we have the city council president complaining about the State taking away the people’s right to vote for school board candidates, the Delaware County Democrat party would be the last group to be genuinely concerned about your vote.

Please be mindful when you go to the polls in  November.

Saturday morning rambling: 3 Reasons in 3 Days

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Just three reasons in three days  why Delaware County has such a bad reputation.

In this article, the Mayor of Muncie has his superintendent report on a grant error.  The mayor goes on to lie about it. Why would a candidate running for county commissioner, Duke Campbell, try to remove grant funding for a county he was looking to serve?  He was told to do it, that’s why.  Will he serve at the pleasure of the mayor or the pleasure of the people?  A political stunt with the potential to backfire.

City told state the of an error to jeopardize grant funding


A day or so earlier, this article appeared about the voter registrations investigated by the Indiana State police.  I mean, 25% of the registrations were improper and it is considered a “small” amount.  Does anyone care about the integrity of our elections.

1 in 4 registrations rejected


In the third article, we find the city’s building commissioner is citing the GOP for campaign signs on their property.  Which depending on how you read State law it could be a violation.  However, the building commissioner, Craig Nichols, currently under investigation by the FBI, has been in this position for eight election cycles and never thought to violate the GOP until a few days ago.

GOP chairman claims harassment by city over signs


Closing thoughts, can we just get through one local election without the very appearance of impropriety?


Saturday Rambling – A few days Late

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no more rumors 3The rumor has finally been put to rest.  Did the City of Muncie Building Commissioner, Craig Nichols, get the remodeling contracts for the City of Muncie’s City Hall?  This very rumor had been circulating for months, and finally a rumor that has truth attached.  Yep, folks, he got it.  In fact, other city projects, you know, the ones that have received city as well as State  tax dollars may have his company written all over it.

Unfortunately, we won’t know how much his company made.  That’s private.

Mr. Nichols signed a conflict of interest disclosure, so everything is O.K.  I wonder,  the person responsible for the construction code, as in the position of Building Commissioner,  will cite his own company for violations?  Or will it just be disguised as a change order, and payment submitted so the Advanced Walls & Ceilings won’t lose any money?  I don’t believe the Board of Public Works will even consider questioning any bills from Mr. Nichols, the Building Commissioner a/k/a owner of Advanced Walls & Ceilings.

Advanced Walls and Ceilings Indiana Secretary of State information

Just last year, the attorney for Muncie Sanitary District, Mike Quirk, started a business and began collecting payment for services rendered.  His business was filed with the State of Indiana several months later.  As with Mr. Nichols, we have no idea if this is saving us money or costing us money.   SOS

However, there is a bit of history which can help you determine if this is beneficial.

The County purchased a truck from a county’s highway employee’s son.  Cash for Clunkers, Delaware County Style.   I’m glad as a taxpayer, we could help a poor fella out of his upside down truck loan.

The county dog catcher resigned after the County animal control truck was stolen by a drunk neighbor.   The ex-dog catcher later received a contract to roof a county building.  The contract was rescinded and he threatened to sue the county.  But, never fear, the City of Muncie, saved the day.  How, you ask?  Simple.  Fire a company that did building debris clean-up and hire the ex-dog catcher.  Problem solved.

Remember the rumor the previous mayor would fire anyone that disagreed with her? MITS board member, Karl Kizer, felt it first hand.  25 years on the board, well-respected and knowledgeable had the audacity to question the mayor.  Out he went.  Oh, this was done by the current mayor.

Does anyone remember Culpepper insurance?  If you don’t, being a big Democrat party supporter, the commissioners hired the company to take care of the county’s insurance.  Boy did he, as costs skyrocketed out of control.  2003 mayoral candidate Dennis Tyler said there was no place for Culpepper in his administration.  Tyler won in 2011 and take a guess who showed up to offer us insurance?  No word if he saved us money on our liability policy.

We take care of our own here.  We’re loyal like that.

What a fiasco when the commissioners tried to pass an ordinance limiting the area that Center Township  Fire could service.  Kind of like if your house is located in Muncie but closer to CTFD station, they were not allowed to go put the fire out.  Oops, some 911 calls got misrouted, too.

Friendships and loyalty run deep here.  In fact, it is the backbone of our very existence.  Take for example, when the Democrat Chair was being indicted for forging papers to remove a candidate from the ballot.  The chair, Phil Nichols, resigned and appointed Dennis Tyler, the  now current mayor.  Mr Tyler then appointed Phil Nichols to the election board.  Let nothing like an indictment stand in the way of a friendship.

Time doesn’t allow for everything in complete detail, as that would really take a book.  But consider these things:

The Fair Board ordinance requires an even number of members from both parties.  This didn’t happen so solving the problem was simply rewrite the ordinances to match the appointments.

The Justice Center which was filled to the brim with party favorites, made national news and cost a pretty penny for the taxpayers.

Royerton Sewer, again a board filled with wives of party members, cost the taxpayers some dough.  And it hasn’t stopped costing the residents.


Saturday Morning Ramblings: Here it comes – 2014!

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2014 copyIt doesn’t seem to take long for another year to pass us by.  We look forward to new beginnings, make New Year’s resolutions, and mull over the previous year.  What did we do wrong?  What did we do right? What can we do better in the new year?

Getting an early start on 2014 resolutions, the first one is systematically removing every negative influence.  So far,  it has been very successful and already feeling a burden lifted…kind of like pulling yourself out of a pit full of mire.    I won’t reveal my 2014 resolutions just yet, though.

One of the easiest thing to give up is watching main-stream media.  Easy because I haven’t so much as tuned in to watch the razzle-dazzle, professional news journalists for many years.   Here’s why.

Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt: “I honestly don’t understand why you would rather have people be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves. It’s incomprehensible.”

CNN host Piers Morgan: “You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?…You have absolutely no coherent argument whatsoever….You don’t give a damn, do you, about the gun murder rate in America?…I know why sales of these weapons have been soaring in the last few days. It’s down to idiots like you. Mr. Pratt…. You are a dangerous man espousing dangerous nonsense. And you shame your country.”

— From the imported British host’s anti-gun tirade on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, December 18, 2012

To be honest, I had never heard of Piers Morgan until he demanded an apology from Sarah Palin over the Arizona shooting.  Thinking, maybe she should apologize for some things, this just isn’t one of them.  He desperately tried to find a link between Palin and Arizona.  Maybe she was governor of a state that begins with the letter A?  Similar to an episode from Sesame Street where the program is brought to  you by any  one of the 26 letters.  Now, Big Bird definitely knows how to properly link a letter.  A is for Apple, B is for Butter so on and so on…

Funny how Piers Morgan never apologized over Chris Dorner’s diatribe.  In reality, no thinking person would hold Morgan responsible for Dorner’s killing spree.  Which is  why Morgan’s demand for Palin to apologize is so acceptable.  He just doesn’t fit into the “thinking person” category.    Some people adore Piers.  I like Piers, too.   The British accent and sharp wit propels him to the top of my list.

Enough about Morgan, let’s take a look at local events, shall we?

One of my favorite local columnists, Larry Riley, penned a recap of the last week of 2013.  The topic –  governmental meetings.  Riley is not favored amongst the powers that be in local government.  Nor their staunch supporters.  A Piers Morgan, he is not.  Probably the best explanation for their disdain of his columns.  But, I digress.

Riley’s column highlights some of the current happenings around Delaware County.   A local poster finds his use of the word “incent” confusing and asks what his point is.

Riley covering the $45 million tax increase, a county  that ain’t got a pot to pee in, can’t pay back their loans to us, possible bond refinancing for the city, a PAC looking at election fines , etc, etc, etc…has far less impact on the citizens than the use of the word incent.

I may be off base here, something tells me she is a regular viewer of the Piers Morgan Show.  Just a wild guess.

We had the Democrat party come out in support of the massive $45 million tax increase, even though the Democrat Headquarters has not paid a penny of property tax for decades.  Tax exempt, ya know.

We have four Democrats voting to not pay back the debt owed to the taxpayers.  Continuously borrowing from the fund until $738,000 slipped through their fingers.  The endless excuses of tax caps, credits, loss of revenue is what guided them in approving the $7 million bond, the lovely County plaza at $700,000, a rail spur and the pie in the sky $5 million visitor center as just a few examples.

Despite not being able to meet their debts and tapping into the rainy day fund, the 2014 budget increased without the  financial cushion of the Rainy Day fund.     It’s always someone else’s fault, and never poor fiscal management skills.  Personal responsibility anyone?  This has been going on since ’09, or nearly six years.

Raise your hand if you voted for bonds, hiring, borrowing, remodel of the plaza, costly legal issues with the judges.  I often wonder why the county is broke and they look for more tax revenue from you.  The city which ended with a $8 million balance looked for more tax revenue from you.  Cha ching!  Increase the tax levy, that’s the ticket.

Broke or not, they still seem to want more of your income.

Many of the citizens have far less revenue and making hard financial decisions.  It’s time we stop tapping into a false endless resource, you, when your funds are drying up.

There is no reason why Delaware County can’t be fiscally sound, made attractive to businesses, families.   Why we can’t have better schools.  We are full of resources just waiting to be tapped.  The power to change the direction of this county is in the hands of the people.  We’re not afraid of hard work, but we are leery of letting go of the past.

The past is not working to our benefit any longer.

Has ideology really changed or is it just an election promise?

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Hidden in the deepest recesses of forgotten history lies a more in-depth look into Dennis Tyler.  I am convinced more than ever, Muncie will be teetering on the brink November 8th, 2011.  Will Muncie continue to move forward on a progressive path suitable for the 21st century, or will Muncie  return to the days of old?   

Dennis Tyler is claiming he will work across party lines, but his walk out last spring and his prior history makes you wonder.  

 An editorial on January 24, 2004 titled “Lack of proper plan for fires scandalous” states the commissioners sent a letter on December 31, 2003 to city-county 911 center ordering that Center Township firetrucks not be dispatched on emergency runs within the city limits.  Larry Crouch refused to sign and it was withdrawn.  The editorial goes on to say that Stonebreaker said it wasn’t political but in response too many emergency vehicles responding to accidents, etc.

The editorial goes on to say: 

“denying political implication is to ignore the fact that chief architects of the local Democratic policy are currently party chairman Dennis Tyler and immediate past chairman Phil Nichols.”   

The editorial continues:

“Their fingerprints are all over the letter, and they appear to have done little to discourage the animosity that exists between Muncie and Center Township fire departments.

Further evidence of political or government leaders being irresponsible is the report of five instances last fall when the Center Township department was not notified of 911 calls within its own territory.

Chief Jeff Stigal in October sent a letter to Enhanced 911 asking that the problem be remedied. “

More from the same editorial:

“Dual-response is recognized policy in well-organized fire districts across the country. Firefighting experts, consulted last year by The Star Press, agreed that dual-response is a must for Muncie and Delaware County.

‘It’s not rocket science,” said one of the experts.

Everywhere, that is, except Muncie.”

When Dennis Tyler replaced Phil Nichols as the Democrat chair, he  appointed Nichols to the election board.  In his 2003 bid for mayor, Dennis Tyler said he may play down partisan politics.  As you can see by the editorial, he immediately returned to politics as usual after the election. 

This wasn’t the first time Republican Richard Shirey was targeted.  The Center Township Trustee position has been a traditional Democrat, until Shirey.

Shirey has the political misfortune to occupy a seat that has been targeted by commissioners and their Democratic advisers, current party Chairman Dennis Tyler and past Chairman Phil Nichols SP 8-25-2002

Dennis Tyler said at the mayoral debate, he has worked across party lines and has never asked a person their political affiliation.  That’s nice.

Early into John Brooke’s tenure as a county commissioner, the Democrat party, headed up by Dennis Tyler, began to wage a war against Mr. Brooke.  His crime?  Working with both Democrats and Republicans.    John Brooke penned a letter to the precinct committee officials disputing the claims he had sold out.  Neither Dennis Tyler or Phil Nichols was available for comment, according to the article “Commissioner disputes party criticism” SP 4-9-2005

Dennis Tyler has a history of not working across party lines or even working within his own party.  .  It’s not just the trip to Urbana, but a pattern of  politics that he and the local Democrat party has practiced for decades.

In the recent interview with the Star Press Dennis Tyler put the look of concern on and said the past four years have been bad.  Of course, he pledged to run a clean campaign, so he refrained from blaming McShurely.  Still there is a long, long history of bad politics and his name seems to show up. 

There is little evidence to show proof in his current statements that his political ideology has changed very little or at all from these dates to now.

Either we go forward or we go back.  That’s our choice on November 8th.

Delaware County Ordinance 2010-39 and Requested Appropriations

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Now that the 2010 elections are behind us, and we have returned the same back into office, let the spending begin.

Ordinances 2nd Reading

Ordinance 2010-39-Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds for purpose of providing funds to be applied to the cost of certain public projects and incidental expenses in connection of the issuance of bonds.




Other Services

  1. Project 34- Full time Grant Writer per year $50.000‡
  2. Project 31- Land acquisition Fund thru 2013 $300,000
  3. Project 32- Brownfields Remediation per year $25,000
  4. Project 33-Greenfield Sites per year $50,000
  5. Project 28- Building upgrade and/or maintenance thru 2013 $500,000
  6. Project 30-Plaza Project 2011 $500,000
  7. Project 25-Town of Daleville-Infrastructure Improvements 2011 $500,000
  8. Project 26-Town of Albany-Water Tower 2011 $600,000
  9. Project 27-Desoto Sewer Project-one time allowance $1,200,000
  10. Project 29-Town of Yorktown-Infrastructure Improvements $750,000
  11. Project 35-Infrastructure Fund thru 2013 $2,500,000

 Total $6,975,000.00

If you are wondering where the remaining $25,000 of the $7,000,000.00 bond is at…there was a typo and Project 35 should be $2,525,000.00.

This is the requested approporations of the bond.  No more and no less.  Five YEAS and one NO.  It passed.

Voting YES:






Absent: King

Voting NO:


To be paid back through collection of EDIT from our paychecks.  I predict, based upon a limited financial knowledge, there will be more money going out than coming in and an increase in the tax from our paychecks will be forthcoming.

‡Grant Writer is $50,000 per year (three years) but the amount was not extended so there will be an additional $100,000 which will need to come from somewhere besides the bond as it is tapped out.  Or at least this is the way I understood it from the verbal exchange between Quakenbush and Donati.

Almost forgot.  From the Rainy Day Fund $186,167 for Property Tax System Software. 

Oh, yea, the Wheel Tax.  Collection began in January 2010 and do you know where your road is at?

Good grief, Charlie Brown!  It’s a mad house in Delaware County, Indiana.

What the full video at CDCPTR.

Candidate Forum available for viewing.

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For those of you that were unable to attended the October 7th Candidate Forum, it is now available on line at CDCPTR.

If you are like me, with a connection speed that is less than stellar, there is another alternative.

The Forum will be televised on Comcast Public Access Channel 60 throughout the month of October and on Monday, November 1st on the following schedule:
Mondays: 7:00 pm
Wednesdays: 9:00 am
Fridays: 6:00 pm
Sundays: 1:00 pm

Delaware County Citizens are Not Alone!

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Delaware County citizens are not the lone ranger in the quest for honest and good government. We are not the only people in this nation wondering about how the money is spent.

An interesting audio clip about a small city in California where the citizens began to band together and attend city council meetings and ask questions. Please take a few minutes to listen to the short three-minute audio clip. Pay particular attention to the man and his advise to all people in every city or town.

Bell, California officials arrested reported on NPR ` Morning Edition September 22, 2010. Click here for the audio clip.

“The blue-collar municipality of 37,000 mostly Latino residents is one of a cluster of small cities southeast of Los Angeles that has been wracked by corruption scandals for years.

“This is corruption on steroids,” said Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, who filed the charges Tuesday. At a news conference, Mr. Cooley said more charges could be filed as the probe continues. He said the officials could face a range of sentences if convicted, and promised “substantial prison time for the worst offenders.”

Read the full story at:

Bell Tolls for Officials in California Pay Scandal- Wall Steet Journal

Delaware County?