Muncie Community Schools – What is going on?

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Muncie Community Schools has been dominating the headlines in the local newspaper.  Did the school district fall into sudden disrepair financially and physically?  Has the proverbial can been kicked down the road?

Questions like these have divided the district.  Some opting to believe the signs were glaring while others believe it is the fault of the current administration.  Whatever road you’re traveling it’s coming to an abrupt end.

Let’s take a look at the stark picture:

A Brief Review of School Financing, Performance and Enrollment in Delaware County Indiana (PDF). Delaware County School Data Mar 1 2017-1

State aid to Muncie schools drops

Certainly, there are other factors which come into play.  For the purpose of this blog entry, we will be focusing on the review and newspaper article.

Common Core Summit – Muncie, Indiana

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common core summit 9-28-13


When:            Saturday, September 28, 2013 – 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon)


Where:          First Church of the Nazarene 

                        3101 N Benton Road

                        Muncie, IN  47304


Why:    House Bill 1427 charged the Indiana State Legislature with evaluating the new  Common Core Standards and making a recommendation to the State Board of Education who must revote on whether Indiana will keep or abandon the standards by 2014. Citizens are unaware of the new standards and their possible negative consequences on public, private and home schools.

46 states have adopted the Common Core Standards which creates a defacto national curriculum. Many of these states did so because they received federal incentives through the Stimulus Fund and No Child Left Behind waivers.

Indiana has paused implementation of the Common Core because of the low quality of the standards and the loss of local control under the governance of the standards.

States can’t change or delete any of the standards as private organizations hold a copyright on them. We may only add 15% to the content, which will not be covered on proposed new national tests.

Two members of the Common Core Validation Committee refused to sign off of the standards because they will put our students two years behind high-performing countries by eighth grade and leave our children unprepared for entrance into a four-year university. They both testified to the legislature that Indiana should reject Common Core.




Brad Oliver:            Associate Dean – Indiana Wesleyan University

                                 District 6 appointment by Governor Pence to the

                                  Indiana State Board of Education


Heather Crossin:     Parent –


Erin Tuttle:              Parent –   

Common Core Summit Flyer (PDF)

Directions to the Summit (PDF)                    

Dr. Brad Oliver on HB 1357

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  • I pulled this from Dr. Oliver’s Facebook Page.  I haven’t been following State Education bills all that closely.  However, I respect Dr. Oliver as a stellar educator and felt this is something to pass on.  
  • I am proud to be a professional educator. As such, today was an active day for professional educators, highlighted with both good news and bad news.

    At the State Board of Education meeting, we learned that REPA II has failed to make it through the rule promulgation process and subsequently will not be enacted. In my opinion, this is GREAT news! The State Board of Education will start the rule promulgation process over. Perhaps this time, the State Board of Education will listen carefully to the bipartisan testimony being offered on how to strengthen teacher and school leader preparation in Indiana.

    Sadly, the Senate Education Committee passed HB1357 which removes the need for school superintendents to hold a superintendent’s license. Subsequently, this means individuals will no longer need formal preparation to lead a school district (i.e., assuming a local school board is comfortable hiring an individual with no formal school administrationpreparation and no license).

    While most school boards will still insist that their school superintendents are formally prepared and well-trained, you will see a number of districts take advantage of new “flexibility” to hire individuals from outside the education profession. This bill is completely unnecessary. Indiana currently allows local school boards to petition the Indiana Department of Education for a waiver when a local board wants to hire someone who has not been formally prepared.

    I would encourage you to write to your State Senator and ask them to vote against HB1357. As someone who prepares school leaders, the thought of having individuals leading school districts who know nothing about the developmental needs of a child is quite disturbing.

Brad Oliver for Indiana State Representative (HD34)

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Brewster, Massachusetts
September 6, 2012

State Legislative Candidate Invited to Executive Education Summit

Brewster, MA – Dr. Brad Oliver, Republican Candidate for State Representative (Indiana, HD #34) and Associate Dean of Education at Indiana Wesleyan University was among a small group of invited educational leaders participating in an Executive Education Summit sponsored by the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT) Corporation on September 5-6, 2012 in Brewster, Massachusetts.

This invitation-only Executive Education Summit brought national educational leaders together to strategize ways to promote enterprise accountability and alignment systems for P-12 education. According to Rick Rozzelle, President and Chief Information Officer of the CELT Corporation, “The diverse field-based experiences, leadership responsibilities, research/planning pursuits, and reflective analytic capacity of the group assembled for the summit provided an exemplary level of intellectual synergy to answer challenging questions and guide future work, individually and collectively, around accountability and alignment systems in education.”

Summit participants discussed ways to best implement effective reforms associated with accountability and alignment systems in P-12 education. Additionally, the group strategized approaches for reporting mission-critical, real time student achievement data to students, teachers, and parents via robust information technology systems.

Dr. Oliver has served as an educational leader for twenty years, presenting and publishing scholarly work in the areas of organizational culture, change, and leadership. Dr. Oliver completed the Darden/Curry Executive Leadership Program for School Administrators at the University of Virginia in 2008 and regularly provides technical assistance to Indiana schools and school districts in the areas of continuous school improvement, educational restructuring, and leading organizational change. In 2010, Dr. Oliver was appointed by Governor Mitchell Daniels to the Indiana Professional Standards Advisory Board where he assisted in the adoption of new state teaching standards and competency examinations.

Educational leaders participating in CELT Corporation’s Executive Education Summit included:

Dr. James Pughsley, former Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina and former No Child Left Behind Commissioner
Dr. Eric Smith, former Florida Commissioner of Education, 2007-2011
Dr. Frances Haithcock, Chancellor, Florida Public Schools
Dr. Kevin Carson, former Superintendent, Cape Henlopen School District, Delaware
Dr. Mike Gottlieb, former Superintendent, Roswell Independent Schools, New Mexico
Dr. Priscilla Maynor, Deputy Superintendent, North Carolina Schools
Dr. Karlene McCormick-Lee, Executive Vice-President, CELT Corporation and former Associate Superintendent of Clark County School District, Nevada
Dr. Brad Oliver, Associate Dean of Education, Indiana Wesleyan University
Connie DeLetis, Former IBM Executive

For more information concerning this release, please contact Dr. Brad Oliver at 765-717-0996 or Rick Rozzelle, President/CIO, CELT Corporation at 508-624-4474.

Authorized by the Committee to Elect Brad Oliver