Indiana State Senate District 26

Doug Eckerty for Indiana State Senator

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Why I support Doug Eckerty for Indiana Senate.

  • Mr. Eckerty understands the need for business incentives to create  jobs for Indiana Hoosiers.

  • Doug will be a voice for Delaware County on the Indiana State level.

  • He knows we must be ready to compete in the global marketplace.

  • Doug believes in putting Education back into Education.

  • Control of spending. “Hoosier families are cutting back and so should government.”

    Doug supports property tax caps and the right for every Hoosier to vote on this issue.


     Please take a few minutes to review Doug’s website.  I think you will agree, Doug is the right choice for Delaware County and Indiana.

    Watch Doug Eckerty’s commercial.

    Vote for Doug Eckerty November 2nd, 2010

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