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Has ideology really changed or is it just an election promise?

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Hidden in the deepest recesses of forgotten history lies a more in-depth look into Dennis Tyler.  I am convinced more than ever, Muncie will be teetering on the brink November 8th, 2011.  Will Muncie continue to move forward on a progressive path suitable for the 21st century, or will Muncie  return to the days of old?   

Dennis Tyler is claiming he will work across party lines, but his walk out last spring and his prior history makes you wonder.  

 An editorial on January 24, 2004 titled “Lack of proper plan for fires scandalous” states the commissioners sent a letter on December 31, 2003 to city-county 911 center ordering that Center Township firetrucks not be dispatched on emergency runs within the city limits.  Larry Crouch refused to sign and it was withdrawn.  The editorial goes on to say that Stonebreaker said it wasn’t political but in response too many emergency vehicles responding to accidents, etc.

The editorial goes on to say: 

“denying political implication is to ignore the fact that chief architects of the local Democratic policy are currently party chairman Dennis Tyler and immediate past chairman Phil Nichols.”   

The editorial continues:

“Their fingerprints are all over the letter, and they appear to have done little to discourage the animosity that exists between Muncie and Center Township fire departments.

Further evidence of political or government leaders being irresponsible is the report of five instances last fall when the Center Township department was not notified of 911 calls within its own territory.

Chief Jeff Stigal in October sent a letter to Enhanced 911 asking that the problem be remedied. “

More from the same editorial:

“Dual-response is recognized policy in well-organized fire districts across the country. Firefighting experts, consulted last year by The Star Press, agreed that dual-response is a must for Muncie and Delaware County.

‘It’s not rocket science,” said one of the experts.

Everywhere, that is, except Muncie.”

When Dennis Tyler replaced Phil Nichols as the Democrat chair, he  appointed Nichols to the election board.  In his 2003 bid for mayor, Dennis Tyler said he may play down partisan politics.  As you can see by the editorial, he immediately returned to politics as usual after the election. 

This wasn’t the first time Republican Richard Shirey was targeted.  The Center Township Trustee position has been a traditional Democrat, until Shirey.

Shirey has the political misfortune to occupy a seat that has been targeted by commissioners and their Democratic advisers, current party Chairman Dennis Tyler and past Chairman Phil Nichols SP 8-25-2002

Dennis Tyler said at the mayoral debate, he has worked across party lines and has never asked a person their political affiliation.  That’s nice.

Early into John Brooke’s tenure as a county commissioner, the Democrat party, headed up by Dennis Tyler, began to wage a war against Mr. Brooke.  His crime?  Working with both Democrats and Republicans.    John Brooke penned a letter to the precinct committee officials disputing the claims he had sold out.  Neither Dennis Tyler or Phil Nichols was available for comment, according to the article “Commissioner disputes party criticism” SP 4-9-2005

Dennis Tyler has a history of not working across party lines or even working within his own party.  .  It’s not just the trip to Urbana, but a pattern of  politics that he and the local Democrat party has practiced for decades.

In the recent interview with the Star Press Dennis Tyler put the look of concern on and said the past four years have been bad.  Of course, he pledged to run a clean campaign, so he refrained from blaming McShurely.  Still there is a long, long history of bad politics and his name seems to show up. 

There is little evidence to show proof in his current statements that his political ideology has changed very little or at all from these dates to now.

Either we go forward or we go back.  That’s our choice on November 8th.