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Saturday ramblings: Two press conferences

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The differences between the press conference on the arrest of Delaware County deputy sheriff and the city’s press conference on the arrest of Muncie City building commissioner notable.

Tyler spent more time talking about what he has done for the city and the effect of the FBI investigation on his employees.  When asked questions from the press he was quickly ushered away by the city attorney.  Not much information was provided to the citizens.  We’re still in the dark.

City of Muncie’s press conference was more like a feeble attempt at a State of the City Address.  The Sheriff’s press conference provided more details and stayed focused on the arrests.

Deputy arrest press conference

Nichols arrest press conference

Both of the investigations and subsequent arrests are bad news for this area in one respect.  On the other hand, it’s good arrests were made.



Saturday ramblings: City of Muncie – in trouble?

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Dennis Tyler at Homecoming

By now everyone in Delaware County and outwards has heard the news, Muncie Building Commissioner has been arrested and charged with 33 felonies.  He is on unpaid leave.

You may remember when Nichols’ company billed and was paid to demolish four buildings.  There were no buildings on these four properties.  Several people commented on social media the buildings had been demolished during Mayor McShurley’s administration.  She lost to Tyler in 2011.

In an attempt to cover up the fraudulent invoices,  Nichols claimed it was a mistake and submitted new invoices.  Journalist Larry Riley penned a column citing there were no demolition permits attached to the paperwork.  Mayor Tyler took no action.

Reviewing the Board of Public Works none of the 2015 minutes are available as of 2-18-17.  According to the indictment, many of the violations occurred in 2015.

Board of Public Works


Muncie City Board of Public Works approves payment of submitted invoices.  The president of BOW is John Quirk and his law firm represents the City of Muncie as well.  January 13, 2016, minutes reflects approval of a change order presented on behalf of the City of Muncie for Nichols company Capitol Consulting and Property Management in the amount of $14,000 bringing the total of services billed to $88,950.00.  bow-jan-13-2016-minutes-1 Read the rest of this entry »