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Muncie Community Schools – Public Hearing

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Notice of Public Hearing: Indiana Department of Education, Muncie School Corporation

Monday, December 9, 2013 – 5:00pm

A public hearing will be held by the Indiana Department of Education on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 5:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard at the Northside Middle School Auditorium 2400 W Bethel Ave, Muncie, IN 47304 concerning the Petition for Waiver under Indiana Code 20-27-13-7 made by Muncie Community Schools to the Indiana Department of Education. Pursuant to IC 20-27-13-3, upon approval by a governing body, a school corporation must provide notice to the public of its intent to terminate transportation services for students and said notice must be provided at least three (3) years prior to the date transportation services are to be terminated. However, IC 20-27-13-7 allows a school corporation to seek a waiver of the three (3) year notice requirement by petitioning the Indiana Department of Education. Muncie School Corporation has made this request by way of a petition. A copy of the Petition is attached herein.

All persons in favor of, opposed to, or in any manner interested in Muncie Community Schools’ request for waiver of the three (3) year notice requirement are invited to attend this public hearing or forward written comments to Michael LaRocco, Director of Transportation, Indiana Department of Education Indiana Department of Education 115 W. Washington Street South Tower, Suite 600 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. All comments by individuals of the public will be limited in time to accommodate all those wishing to make public comments.

Pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act, any individual interested in attending the hearing should contact Muncie Community Schools and advise what, if any, accommodation is needed to attend the hearing. For more information, contact Mark A. Burkhart, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer Muncie Community Schools 2501 N. Oakwood Avenue Muncie, IN 47304.

Petition for waiver in the matter of Muncie Sommunity Schools. (pdf)

Department of Education 

The $6.5 million question – Muncie Community Schools referendum-update

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“For the seven calendar years immediately following the hold of the referendum, shall the Muncie Community Schools impose a property tax rate that does not exceed 39.39 ($0.3939) cents on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property tax levies imposed by the Muncie Community Schools.”

The vote is Yes or No.

On the Yes side, all the taxpayers and citizens have been offered is “Keeping children safe.”  Who in their right mind doesn’t want to keep children safe?  Not anybody I know, probably not anyone you know, either.  The Facebook page “Vote Yes for Muncie School Buses” has detailed how much the cost would be on a $100,000 home without deductions.  The referendum would add $394.00 or $33.00 a month.

“VOTE YES IN NOVEMBER! It will give center township residents the option to raise taxes ($0.3939) cents on each $100 of assessed valuation. By doing this it will allow yellow school buses to run! THIS IS LESS THAN A TANK OF GAS A MONTH TO KEEP KIDS SAFE!!”

Sounds do-able for most, we can all add $33.00 to our monthly budget for the next seven years. Read the rest of this entry »