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Another Berry Long Run ~ Running for Rolli

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Another Berry Long Run

July 7th, 2012

I first heard of Another Berry Long Run about this time last year.  Falling in love with the idea of a grassroots organization working to raise funds for our families right here in Delaware County.

In 2011 Benji ran for Nettie’s Kids and in 2010 Benji ran from Losantville to Wes Del Little League Complex to raise money for Ryan Berry who is battling cancer.  Mr. Ryan’s family got a vacation and Nettie’s kids got one, too.

This year the funds will go to D.A.R.E. for programs supporting alcohol awareness.

Benji’s scheduled run is listed and the end of this post.  At each stop, you can greet him, offer support and make a donation.

More information  and to donate at Another Berry Long Run.  Visit Facebook for Another Berry Long Run.

Benji’s Running Itinerary: 

6:30 a.m. : Our runners and bikers arrive in Losantville and begin their stretching.
7:00 a.m. : The run begins with a 9 min. mile pace
8:20 a.m. : They arrive at the South Prairie Creek Reservoir Post
9:17 a.m. : They arrive at 12th Street/Memorial
9:35 a.m. : They arrive at the Greenway Depot (Downtownish)
9:49 a.m. : They arrive at McGalliard (The Island) and receive their awesome smoothies
10:00 a.m. : They arrive at Riggin Rd.
10:13 a.m. : They arrive at Wheeling/400 N.
10:25 a.m. : They arrive at 500 N. and exit the Greenway
10:55 a.m. : They arrive at the Wes-Del Little League Complex
At the Wes-Del Little League Complex, a cookout is held with a carnival like atmosphere created for the community to participate along with a Pumpkin Ball Tournament! 

Blog entry not sponsored by Another Berry Long Run for information purposes only. Please check Another Berry Long Run Facebook or Blog for updates and changes.

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