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Delaware County broke

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Delaware County broke (click for video)

We’ve all heard the saying “kicking the can down the road” and this is exactly what Delaware County has done for the past four years.  Spending money, passing bonds, investing in pie in the sky economic development.  Creating Tax Increment Fund areas which removes tax revenue from the general fund.

From 1-1-09 the hiring and the spending, paying an employee’s truck off, renting space we can’t afford, dismantling the engineers position and giving a cousin $10,000 raise.

Crying because the city withheld  nearly $2 million dollars.  Blaming the city, yet receiving the funds brought no relief.  Closing the county building, reopening again.  $700,000 plaza project, a sewer system not needed.

Excuse after excuse while the well connected in this county benefitted.  We watched it unfold before our very eyes.

Saturday Morning Ramblings – Putting the Human back into Humanity

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Recently, actually before the election, I took to viewing liberal blogs, tweets and FaceBook pages.  What I found was astounding in the fact, the comments mirrored our local posters almost to a tee.

Take for example, what was written immediately after Mia Love spoke at the Republican Convention.  The “N” word flowed like a flood.  Ranging from Aunt Tom to a house “N” and other misguided, vulgar and very racist comments spewing from what was obvious leftist liberal sites.    Here was an articulate, beautiful, conservative woman running on a ticket not theirs.  In my opinion, color, race, ethnicity and gender respect is only applied if the liberal party can get a vote.  Outside of that, everyone else is racist, except for those calling a conservative woman the “N” word, then it is perfectly acceptable. Read the rest of this entry »

Money ~ It doesn’t grow on trees, or does it?

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Money – It doesn’t grow on trees.

As a teenager, my Mother would often say “Money.  It doesn’t grow on trees.”  I would roll my eyes and let her know in no uncertain terms that I knew money didn’t grow on trees.  I didn’t sleep through Biology, ya know.  At least not every class…

I would marvel at her refusal to get me the new Stingray bike with the banana seat.  “You have a perfectly good bike and money doesn’t grow on trees.”    There she goes again.  It was a great bike at 10, but now I’m 13 and EVERYBODY has a Stingray bike with a banana seat.  Their parents didn’t say “money doesn’t grow on trees.”  Of course, not everyone had a Stingray and I’m sure my Mom and Dad knew it.  So, I did what any thinking teenager would do, I got a job.  First it was babysitting, then on to the doughnut shop and then pay-dirt!  I got a job as a cashier/stocker at the local dime store.  No, I never bought the Stingray, though.  It was to expensive.

Money.  It doesn’t grow on trees, you know. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s only money…Delaware County, Indiana

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For those of us which have been following Delaware County finances and government for the past few years,  it has been one financial disaster after another.

At the end of 2009,  Delaware County Treasurer, John Dorer, stood before County Council unable to borrow $10.5 million dollars to stay out of the red.  Eventually, the county found three separate institutions to loan us the money.  This  same year Delaware County  received a windfall of $8 million dollars from the Welfare levy.    The bond rating for our county dropped resulting in a higher interest rate on borrowing.

In 2009, Larry Bledsoe , County Commissioner, contacted Jake Dunnuck, Drainage Board attorney, requesting Dunnuck obtain a ruling from the State of Indiana on then current surveyor’s practice of awarding contracts without bids, formal quotes or plans. Contracts were awarded to the surveyor’s stepson who was the deputy chief in the surveyor’s office.

No response from Jake Dunnuck.

Bledsoe brought to the attention of commissioner Todd Donati the county watershed funds were depleted and running in the red.  Bledsoe wanted a resolution and said he would not sign off on any future spending.  Commissioner Todd Donati turning his back on Bledsoe  promised he would sign off if Bledsoe didn’t.    A complaint was filed with the Attorney General by  Bledsoe.  Greg Zoeller responded the matter needed to go before the county attorney, Mike Quirk.  Read the rest of this entry »

Delaware County: A Modern Day Fairy Tale

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As a child we were entertained with reading fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Anderson and a wide variety of fantastic authors.   Fairy Tales held some high moral ground like integrity, honesty, compassion and character which was a reoccurring theme and easily defined.   Of course, we are now adults, and for the most part, know we can’t ride a magic carpet or sleep for 100 years…still we can take the lessons taught and apply it today.

One of my favorite tales was about an Emperor who loved to style.  Hans Christian Anderson wove an intricate tale of a man who loved his clothes.    One day two rogue designers came to the city, selling their ability to weave magnificent garments with the most unbelievable colors.  Of course, the Emperor was intrigued and imagined himself arrayed in splendor. This was a “must” buy and commissioning of the suit began.   He sent an officer of the court to examine the progress of his robes but, the looms were empty. Read the rest of this entry »

A Tale of Three Districts ~ Delaware County, Indiana

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New Districts 2012

Imagine leaving the country on an economic junket to Germany.  When you left you were Delaware County Commissioner for District 1.  When you return you find your district is gone.

There was no catastrophic event, no nuclear incident, nothing like that.  Instead, it was  Commissioner Todd Donati’s Sharpie which drew the lines that eliminated Commissioner Don Dunnuck’s district.  

No biggie for Dunnuck. He has indicated he won’t run for commissioner in 2012.  Mr. Dunnuck has his eyes on a county judge seat.

Which brings up another question.

 Why would Don Dunnuck be chosen to seek out economic development when his goal is to be a Delaware County judge?   I will never understand how Delaware County operates, thinks or works.  It’s foreign to me. (Pardon the pun.)

But, I digress.

In case you may be wondering where  District 1 went, have no fear.   It’s still there.   Now,  Dunnuck’s kingdom is Larry Bledsoe’s.  Go figure.

The new and improved District 1, which includes Daleville, is as far away from Dunnuck’s residence as you can get.  What Democrat county council member lives in the new district? 

Hmmm….Intrigue and suspense right here in Delaware County.  Who would have thunk it?

District 2, which is Todd Donati’s district hasn’t changed all that much. 

Mr. Donati who revealed he wants a second term ended the speculation with this confirmation “at this point in time”   In other words, he needs four more years to continue his reign of spending.  Donati in the county and Tyler in the city.  It just doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

Larry Bledsoe, District 3, was “suspiciously” left out of the redistricting planning..  He may have put a chink in the new districts and we couldn’t have that, could we?  What do you expect from a man who was against the County Plaza building project ($700,000.00+), closing the county building on Fridays and had the audacity to call the Delaware County Building “The people’s building”.

Mr. Dunnuck has a lot on his plate.  He doesn’t have a district and the Democrat party chair announced his sister will be running for District 2 judge, same seat Dunnuck wants.

That’s about it for a Saturday night in Delaware County, Indiana.  So, I will leave you to ponder this quote from the Star Press:

“You take from one and give to another and it affects everything,” Quirk said. “We’ll see how everything shakes out here shortly.” Mike Quirk, Democrat chairperson SP 12-10-11.

WALKER/ROYSDON REPORT: Dunnuck no longer has district of his own

Redistrict Map 2012

Delaware County Ordinance 2010-39 and Requested Appropriations

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Now that the 2010 elections are behind us, and we have returned the same back into office, let the spending begin.

Ordinances 2nd Reading

Ordinance 2010-39-Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds for purpose of providing funds to be applied to the cost of certain public projects and incidental expenses in connection of the issuance of bonds.




Other Services

  1. Project 34- Full time Grant Writer per year $50.000‡
  2. Project 31- Land acquisition Fund thru 2013 $300,000
  3. Project 32- Brownfields Remediation per year $25,000
  4. Project 33-Greenfield Sites per year $50,000
  5. Project 28- Building upgrade and/or maintenance thru 2013 $500,000
  6. Project 30-Plaza Project 2011 $500,000
  7. Project 25-Town of Daleville-Infrastructure Improvements 2011 $500,000
  8. Project 26-Town of Albany-Water Tower 2011 $600,000
  9. Project 27-Desoto Sewer Project-one time allowance $1,200,000
  10. Project 29-Town of Yorktown-Infrastructure Improvements $750,000
  11. Project 35-Infrastructure Fund thru 2013 $2,500,000

 Total $6,975,000.00

If you are wondering where the remaining $25,000 of the $7,000,000.00 bond is at…there was a typo and Project 35 should be $2,525,000.00.

This is the requested approporations of the bond.  No more and no less.  Five YEAS and one NO.  It passed.

Voting YES:






Absent: King

Voting NO:


To be paid back through collection of EDIT from our paychecks.  I predict, based upon a limited financial knowledge, there will be more money going out than coming in and an increase in the tax from our paychecks will be forthcoming.

‡Grant Writer is $50,000 per year (three years) but the amount was not extended so there will be an additional $100,000 which will need to come from somewhere besides the bond as it is tapped out.  Or at least this is the way I understood it from the verbal exchange between Quakenbush and Donati.

Almost forgot.  From the Rainy Day Fund $186,167 for Property Tax System Software. 

Oh, yea, the Wheel Tax.  Collection began in January 2010 and do you know where your road is at?

Good grief, Charlie Brown!  It’s a mad house in Delaware County, Indiana.

What the full video at CDCPTR.