Will Statom

Stand by your man and show the world you love him.

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Standing by our man, Will Statom, Democrat…oh, I mean Republican chair just elected again.  After all he is just a man….

Lots going on in our neck of the woods.  The problem with this locale it never changes.  I don’t mean we hold on to the quaint village ways, I mean we stand still and continue to do the same things over and over again.  The wheels are spinning, yet you aren’t going anywhere.  That’s how I feel living here.

I’m not sure where the local Republican party is heading.  The Precinct committee members returned Will Statom as chair.  The vote, which was to be secret was cast right in from to him.  After two election losses and no real direction, at least none that I have seen, the party will remain stagnant.  

I wish more people would have listened to the vision Eric Welch and his extraordinary team had to offer   Sitting through the complete presentation and feeling the excitement in the room, I thought…”This is how it is supposed to be.”

Delaware County Republicans lost in 2011, and again in 2012.  Not because we lacked viable candidates.

To the contrary.    Fantastic people with leadership skills, vision, fiscal experience and that good old stand-by “common sense”  or in other words, candidates worthy of a vote.

2014 is a mid-term election and  is sometimes hard to get the message out to vote.  I’m not sure based on the past two elections we will pull a win off.  If the Republicans do win, it probably isn’t because the party chair worked his rear end off.

The campaign waged against the local Republican chairperson candidate was truly amazing.  I am still going to support my favorite candidates….they do good, they get my vote.  I’m loyal like that.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Republican.  You expect to be trashed by the liberal left at every turn.  You don’t expect it from the local party leadership.