What’s happening in our city?

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mouse trap & money

Dear Readers,

Thanks for hanging with us while we took a short sabbatical.

We’ll be recapping the latest fiscal events in a few days and offer suggestions for cutting the budget.    Might even dig into the history annals and bring a few good quotes to make you laugh.

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Will Muncie Community Schools vote to cancel bus service?

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Bus stop: Why and when issue was really decided

Though I’m writing these words prior to last night’s school board meeting, one doesn’t need a lot of tea leaves to divine the outcome.

School officials have made clear they want more money from somebody and busing is the hostage.

Taxpayers wouldn’t agree to give them more taxes in a 2012 referendum by a nearly 2-1 margin.

Creditors worried about repayment of debt successfully lobbied the legislature to make sure they won’t have to part with any money they’re owed.

So now the 20 percent or so of school boards across Indiana that can’t handle their finances appear to be collectively trying to tell the General Assembly that they’ll end busing if they don’t get more money. Muncie Star Press 7-14-15

Read the full column here.

The Confederate Flag, a Symbol of What?

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One person’s view on the Confederate Flag.  This is an interesting read.

The Confederate Flag, a Symbol of What?.

Saturday ramblings – Waiting for Noah’s boat

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Muncie had several streets and roads flooded from last night’s rain.   Many streets and roads not normally prone to high water were affected.  One street which, if you live in Muncie, you know floods 99.9999% with heavy rainfall.  Still, the brave souls drive through it.

Take a gander at WISH-TV site for pictures submitted by the locals.

WISH-TV and Muncie flooding.

Check the Star Press if you need sandbags, or text Noah, he’s been through this before.

Saturday morning ramblings – TIF info available

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mouse trap & money

‘Morning to the good people of Indiana.  Been a long time since the last Saturday rambling was posted.  It certainly isn’t for lack of subject matter, plenty of fodder to write on.  Time’s a wasting, so let’s get to the down and dirties.

For those seeking further information about your local Tax Increment Financing (TIF) you will find a wealth of data on the Indiana Transparency Portal.  Here you can find revenues, expenditures, assessed valuation, businesses and a whole bunch more.

Say what you will about our State, placing this data in the hands of the public is an awesome step on the part of our government.

At the onset of the portal, it was clumsy, hard to navigate and limited information.  Responding to public input, the site has come a long way.

Take a gander.

Indiana Transparency Portal

Delaware County TIF

More Delaware County TIF

Even More Delaware County TIF


Economic Development – Riley style

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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind Delaware County Economic Development is a hard area to follow.  Both financial and in practice.

Today, Larry Riley, a regular columnist in the local newspaper lays it out for us.  I’m not sure anyone could have done a better job at explaining.  Nevertheless, here it is in all her glory.  Enjoy.

Development of economic development.