Mayor Sharon McShurley or Dennis Tyler?

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Dear Friends and Supporters concerned about the direction Muncie City will take should Dennis Tyler become our next mayor.

Earlier, I had given you a list of some of the things we have seen happen under Mayor McShurley’s administration.  One of the biggest and most productive for the citizens, is the fiscal management.  The city has lived within its means, and has not borrowed to make payroll, pay for utilities, etc.  Borrowing money, in and of itself is costly, as interest is tacked on to the money. 

We skated through the proposed income tax increase by former president of city council, Alison Quirk.  I doubt we will be this fortunate should Dennis Tyler become mayor.  One of the  things he will do is support increasing your taxes.  We already know, current candidates, Alison Quirk, Nora Powell, Mary Jo Barton will support the passage should they get elected. 

As Todd Donati’s eyes were upon the COIT increase, and he eagerly waited for the city to pass the LOIT, Dennis Tyler will be just as eager for the money. Donati said when COIT was increased, he would include cuts in spending.  It never happened.  This same fiscal principle will be applied to the city.  More money, more spending until we find ourselves in the same boat as the county. 

Millions of dollars short.  If you think we suffered from the hands of the foolish cuts made in the 2010 budget, hold on to your hat, a foul wind is about to blow across our city.

In Larry Riley’s column on Wednseday, he penned Tyler authored 10 bill since 2006.   Six years in office as a State Representative and the average of his bills would be less than 1.5 bill per year.  Hardly something to applaud.  But, ah, take a look at these bills and his voting records and you will find even less to crow about.

There is a difference between the position of a mayor and a house representative. Their level of governing is defined by their roles.  That aside, their accomplishments should be an indication of their ability to get the job done.

Still, we can look at Mayor Sharon McShurley and see there is at a minimum of 45 things which have been accomplished over her four years as mayor.  Compare her average of 10 per year to Tyler’s 1.5 per year and there should be no doubt in any person’s mind, who is the best person to run out city.  All this in four years, without the support of many city council members.  Remember this, Muncie City could have been farther along if the legislative body of City Council had not placed so many blocks in the way of progress. 

Mayor McShurley was in the minority. 

I doubt Dennis Tyler will be able to interact well those outside of his sphere of influence.  Doubt he will be asked to attend economic summits, let alone be part of a group which works to attract businesses.  Dennis Tyler will be in great need of a deputy mayor, as he won’t be able to comprehend the scope and responsibilities associated with running our city in the 21st Century. 

Dennis Tyler is a dinosaur.  He operates  in an antiquated mode.  Unable to move from the “old” ways into the new.  Lacking any progressive thought as demonstrated by his lack of bill authoring.

Let’s compare the ability to work under adverse conditions and still get the job done. 

Mayor Sharon McShurley: From 2008 to March of 2009, had faced the worse opposition imaginable.  Battling with some City Council members during this time frame  and all over her willingness to present updates on the Muncie City.  Not to mention some of the most vile, horrendous and wicked rumors and lies which spread through the city like wildfire.  Grace Under Fire.

Dennis Tyler: Appointed as the State Representative in 2006.    Suddenly, he is in minority status.  His actions were nothing less than cowardly and shows his inability to handle what he considered a “tough” situation.  Not even after six years of experience.

McShurley stays.

Tyler runs.

And this is the bottom line, folks.

We need people, which have proven results to run our city.  This includes the city common council, too.

Not Getting Along

Had enough?

Vote Informed.

3 thoughts on “Mayor Sharon McShurley or Dennis Tyler?

    Murph said:
    October 14, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    I think, from what I read earlier and this right here, you have pretty much said what needed to be said. If you want to ‘Save Muncie’, Ms. Mayor is the best person you could vote for. With the debate and answers from both individuals, it is very clear to see who works FOR MUNCIE rather than having to told how Muncie will work for the few.


      munciepolitics said:
      October 14, 2011 at 5:39 pm

      I wish you could have been at the debate last night. I look forward to the day we get to meet.


    2018 – almost over « Muncie Politics said:
    December 13, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    […] Mayor Sharon McShurley or Dennis Tyler? […]


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